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MLSCA Entrance Fee & Other Dues

The entrance fee and annual subscriptions payable shall be as follows:

One Time Charge Entrance Fee : RM100

* Annual subscription shall be payable to the Treasurer General in advance by 31 Jan.

For Registration, Please download the membership form, scan it and send it to

Ordinary Members

RM100 / year

Any Malaysian above the age of 21 years engaged in activities related to application, teaching, research and development in logistics and supply chain shall qualify for Ordinary membership. The number of ordinary members is not limited.

Student Member

RM50 / year

Student membership shall be granted by the Council to persons who are studying for logistics and supply chain or equivalent qualification, or who are studying for those degrees under circumstances which Council consider to be suitable for the granting of student membership. No student shall be admitted as a member of the Association without or University or University College concerned. A student member shall transfer to the grade of Ordinary member after attaining the age of 21 years provided he or she is suitably qualified and fulfilled the requirement to be an ordinary member.

Institutional Members

RM500 / year

Institutional membership shall be open to any organisation interested in the objectives of the Association. Institutional members can nominate two (2) members of their organisation to participate in the activities of the Association.

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