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The importance of logistics and supply chain is recognized all over the world. It is crucial and contributes greatly to the economic growth of Malaysia. In the context of globalization and liberalization, logistics and supply chain could be used as a competitive tool. 

There is a need for skilled logistics and supply chain professionals to meet the challenges facing both goods and services industries. New integrated approaches to procurement, production planning and control, physical distribution, inventory and warehousing, and information flows are main areas to achieving efficient and effective operation of the entire supply chain resulting in cost savings through inventory reduction, shortened time, increased profitability and enhanced customer satisfaction. This executive programme has been developed to achieve this objective.


Awarding Body

Diploma Awarded by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTMSpace)


12 to 15 Months

Entry Requirement
  • 21 years old Above
  • SPM with at least 3 years of working experience any other qualification approved by the University
  • Interview by UTM for those who are not match the above requirement’s
Payment Method
  • EPF Withdrawal
  • HRDCorp Claimable
  • Monthly Instalment


  1. Logistics Information Technology
  2. Principles of Management and Practices
  3. Logistics Service Quality
  4. Procurement and Sourcing Management
  5. Integrated Transportation and Maritime Management
  6. Managing Inventory and Warehouse Resources
  7. Logistics and Transport Safety Management
  8. Principles of Financial Management
  9. Supply chain Research Management
  10. Supply Chain Performance and Reverse Logistics
  11. Principles of Logistics and Supply Chain Integration
  12. Project Paper 1



Technician, Project Engineer, Supervisor, Shipping officer, Logistics Executive,

Warehouse Executive, Procurement Executive.

*In Collaboration with SK Group of Companies

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For more details regarding MLSCA membership please contact or rings us at +606 8513686 for personal consultation.

For More Details

For more details regarding MLSCA membership please contact or rings us at+606 8513686 for personal consultation.

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