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Professional Diploma Business & Industrial Management


The Professional Diploma in Business and Industrial Management programme is designed to train any industry professional to become proficient in the basic rudiments of business and industrial management. It is also for those who wish to improve their cognitive professional and personal competencies on how to escalate efficiency and effectiveness in business and industrial operations and management.


Awarding Body

Diploma Awarded by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTMSpace)


12 to 15 Months

Entry Requirement
  • 21 years old Above
  • SPM with at least 3 years of working experience any other qualification approved by the University
  • Interview by UTM for those who are not match the above requirement’s
Payment Method
  • EPF Withdrawal
  • HRDCorp Claimable
  • Monthly Instalment


  1. Quality Management Tools and Techniques
  2. Principles of Management and Practices
  3. Customer Relationships Management
  4. Lean Management
  5. Management Information Systems
  6. Business and Industrial Logistics
  7. Data Collection Analysis and Report Writing
  8. Principles of Financial Management
  9. Industrial Relation and Regulation
  10. Business and Industrial Safety Management
  11. Strategic Management
  12. Project 1
  13. Strategic Management


Supervisor, Quality Assurance Executive, Productive Executive, Operation Executive,

Customer Service Executive, Quality Engineer, Admin Executive, Production Executive.

*In Collaboration with SK Group of Companies

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For more details regarding MLSCA membership please contact or rings us at +606 8513686 for personal consultation.

For More Details

For more details regarding MLSCA membership please contact or rings us at+606 8513686 for personal consultation.

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